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Primal Herbal Cones

Primal® Herbal Cones are non-tobacco and nicotine-free. These easy-to-load cones are made with the finest natural herbs and other premium ingredients. They were created for a hassle-free smoking experience and pair perfectly with our Herbal Smoking Blend. Each resealable pouch includes two cones with unbleached filter tips and a straw for easy packing.

The Blends


Hemp is one of the oldest, heartiest and most versatile plants on earth dating back to 5000 BC in China. It has been an important source of clothing, shoes, ropes, paper, food and medicine throughout history. The plant provides fiber, oil and seeds while providing a pleasant, aromatic flavor option in the Primal® lineup of non-tobacco, no nicotine products. With its smooth essence and undaunted reputation, hemp is quickly becoming a popular pairing with our Primal® Herbal Smoking Blend.

Cocoa Bean

Long ago, the Mayans used cocoa to create a ritual beverage shared during marriage ceremonies. A century later, cocoa beans gained popularity in France and all over the world. Cocoa beans and the chocolate they produce are regularly regarded as one of the world’s most delicious creations, making them an obvious choice when crafting our authentic and balanced Primal® Herbal Wraps. Warm, earthy and smooth, Cocoa Bean is ideal when paired with the Primal® Herbal Smoking Blend.


Celebrated in South America for centuries because of its unique taste and cross-cultural heritage, pineapple was the obvious flavor to enhance Primal® Yerba Maté Herbal Cones. This tempting addition to the Primal family of non-tobacco, no nicotine products is hand-made with globally sourced herbs and works well with Primal Herbal Smoking Blend.  Smooth and inviting, Primal Pineapple Cones are destined to become a customer favorite.


Sage has long been prized for its unique properties and bold flavor. Ancient Egyptians believed sage could enhance memory and sharpen senses. Today, the spicy and herbal notes of sage blend seamlessly into our Herbal Wrap collection and enhance Primal® Herbal Smoking Blend.


Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, chamomile has long been hailed for its soothing and uplifting aroma. Floral, enchanting and slow-burning, our Chamomile Herbal Wraps are perfect with the Primal® Herbal Blend.

Yerba Maté

Yerba maté has been celebrated in South America for centuries because of its unique taste and uses across cultures. Its robust smoothness lends itself perfectly to our artisan Primal® Yerba Maté Herbal Wraps and performs well alongside our Herbal Smoking Blend.