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Primal Herbal Smoking Blend

Our Herbal Smoking Blend is smooth, balanced, 100% natural and GMO-free. This is an excellent alternative for tobacco or for adults seeking an authentic smoking experience. Primal® Herbal Blend is crafted in the USA from premium ingredients. We love the history our products represent, so our blend showcases the rich stories and qualities of the herbs we’ve selected.

Slow-burning, decadent and ready for adventure, Primal® Herbal Blend is not for the faint of heart.

Our products are always tobacco-free and nicotine-free.

The Ingredients

Mallow Leaves

A natural opportunist dating back as far as 200 BC, mallow leaves have long been widespread throughout the temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Europe. This edible plant is a frequent contributor in herbal medicine and used as a wild food source.

Red Clover Flowers

A rich source of isoflavens, often found thriving across grassy hills and in sunny valleys, red clover flowers are highly regarded for their subtly sweet aroma. Red clover flowers are sometimes affectionately called “bee-bread” due to the honey-like substance they produce and the great numbers of bumblebees and honeybees their scent attracts.

Red Roses

Famous the world over for their beautiful allure and rich, crimson color, rose petals have long-promoted feelings of love and peace. Their familiarly evocative scent and distinctly uplifting aroma provide depth and warmth to the floral notes of our herbal blend.

Chamomile Flowers

Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, chamomile has long been hailed for its joyful and lightly sweet aroma. Floral, enchanting and slow-burning, chamomile flowers create a soft and uplifting finish to our herbal blend.

Clover Honey

Hailed for centuries as a delicious food and a means to promote well-being, honey first surfaced and became popular in Ancient Greece and Egypt. Created by bees who source their pollen from the clover plant, clover honey is warm, rich and inviting.