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Primal Shisha Gels

Exploding with flavor and individuality, Primal® Shisha Gels are a non-tobacco, nicotine-free alternative to traditional shisha products. These unique gels are expertly-infused with glycerin and perfectly-blended, robust flavors.

Big clouds and even bigger flavor make long-burning Primal® Shisha Gels a smoking experience bursting with personality. Try one distinct personality on its own or pair it with another member of the Primal® Shisha Gel family for an unforgettably smooth experience.

The Flavors

Blu Hoodoo

Primal® Blu Hoodoo’s distinct color and blueberry flavor make it a mysterious and intriguing member of the Shisha Gel family. Famous for its sweet yet tangy and bright flavor profile, Blu Hoodoo creates mouthwatering clouds of beautifully thick smoke at each appearance.

Bin Smitten

The mediator of the bunch, Primal® Bin Smitten Shisha Gel is an endlessly refreshing mint flavor. It creates a punchy aroma and sense of peace and is quickly becoming famous for playing well with other flavors. Bin Smitten adds a layer of coolness to any mix-and-match combination.

Fuzzy Fresh

Familiar and fresh, Primal® Fuzzy Fresh is the sweet and outwardly demure sibling. Its sugary tones call to mind walking the beach with a tropical drink. But don’t be fooled – Fuzzy Fresh has a wild side. Tart undertones add a unique twist to this unmistakable peach flavor.

Jack Hammer

Biting and witty, Primal® Jack Hammer easily entertains any room it enters with a crisp and unmatched apple flavor. Despite being the life of the party, the bright and intense overtones of Jack Hammer’s flavor are balanced perfectly by its sweet and decadent finish.

7th Heaven

Angelic and incontestably tasty, the vibrant grape flavor of Primal® 7th Heaven encapsulates summers at the poolside. Equally nostalgic and fresh, 7th Heaven is sweet, smooth and as long-lasting as those summer days.

Skinny Dip

Wild and free, Skinny Dip is irresistibly fun and adventurous with a watermelon flavor that is, quite simply, delicious. Cool, breezy and slightly rebellious, Skinny Dip is specially crafted to last longer than a summer romance.